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Thanks for joining us! is the website of the private consultation centre/s in Pakistan that is owned and managed by Dr Salman Shafiq. We provide private consultations aimed at helping the people achieving the best of their psychological and emotional well being. Presently we are offering our services in at least two cities in Pakistan i.e. Lahore and Faisalabad. We are however open to accept clients from any part of the country. We carryout in depth and thorough assessments as integral part of initial workup of our clients in view of their needs and challenges. We are open for psychiatric consultations all the time. For therapeutic work including Hypnoyherapy and NLP we take a limited number of clients at one time in order to provide the best quality of service which is achieved with commitment and dedication and is never a product of randomisation or accident. All clients are dealt on individual and personalised basis.

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