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Relaxedmindinitiatives.com is representative website of the private consultation centre/s in Pakistan. We are not a walk in clinic and provide consultations only by prior appointments, aimed at helping our clients achieving the best of their psychological and emotional well being. Presently we are offering our services in at least two cities in Pakistan i.e. Lahore and Faisalabad. Online consultations via World Wide Web are available to any part of the country. We are offering consultations  in other countries of the world too (English language only) in particular The United Kingdom, via social media. Dr Shafiq has special interest and experience working with British Ehinic Minorities, particularly South Asian Communities. We accept clients only after careful consideration and initial workup of their needs and challenges. We take fixed number of clients at one time in order to provide the best quality service which is achieved with commitment and dedication, that is never a product of randomisation or accident. We can be contacted through this website (Contact Link at the top of this page) or by the email address i.e. relaxedmindinitiatives@outlook.com.

The team is led by Dr Salman Shafiq.

Dr Salman Shafiq is a  Consultant Psychiatrist who worked for National Health Services in the UK for 14 years. He is currently working as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in a prestigious medical college in Pakistan. He is a Registered Psychiatric Specialist with General Medical Council of UK and Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists of the United Kingdom.  Dr Shafiq  has a vast experience of working with various mental health trusts and organisations, across various age groups of clients including children, working age adults, old aged, learning disabled and those in forensic settings. Dr Shafiq has  an extensive understanding of various needs and demands of patients with mental health challenges regarding their assessment, care and management.

Although a specialist in Psychiatric Assessment and Management of Mental Illnesses; Clinical Psychiatric Consultations are not the only area of expertise of Dr Shafiq. He is keen, enthusiastic and motivated for improvement of psychological and emotional well being in general population by raising awareness and educating the society in general. He has additional set of expertise and formal qualifications and training in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics Programming,  Health Research and Professional Practice. Dr Shafiq believes that on one hand his varied set of expertise enable him to carry out a holistic and in depth understanding of problems in individuals, whilst on the other hand the same expertise provide him an opportunity to differentiate (that in a given situation) what conduct best suits a client’s needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and the model and approach needs to be tailored to needs of individuals rather attempting to tailor the individual to fit any specific model.

At Relaxed Mind Initiatives, we believe in building and maintaining meaningful and valuable partnerships with individuals, organisations and business executives by offering swift, modified and professional consultation including Formal Psychiatric Assessments,Personalised Coaching,  Training and Executive Search Solutions. Psycho-education and Public awareness remain at the heart and core of all the practices and presentations.

In addition to formal British Psychiatric Qualifications and Training Dr Shafiq has obtained following Qualifications again from British Universities:

1.       Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry – The University of Manchester, UK

2.       Post Graduate Diploma in Health Research – The University of Leeds, UK

3.       Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis – London College of Clinical Hypnosis, UK

4.       Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice- University of Lancaster, UK

(All above qualifications are formal taught post graduate programs and none of them is a short or online course. Their duration ranges from at least 9 months (one out of four) to three years on part time taught basis; with qualifications obtained after formal assessments and examinations of various methods, fulfilling and satisfying the examination bodies. This makes an academic course of formal educational achievements spanning over twelve years after completion of medical degree, in various conducts whilst practising as a  mental health professional throughout. This journey continues in the form of academic pursuits, teaching and involvement in clinical psychiatric research.

Dr Shafiq is licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner registered with British Society of NLP Practitioners. He has been trained by Richard Bandler who is the  creator of NLP.

Address Consultation Clinics:

Faisalabad: P-5, Kotwali Road  (also called College Road), Opposite Government College for Boys (Monday to Friday 17:00-22:00) (Preferably by prior appointment,Tel No at the bottom of this page)


Lahore: By prior appointment only on weekends, at Medical Consultants Avenue, 50-A, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Near The University of Health Sciences, Lahore (Appointment Line telephone number at the bottom of this page or to be requested and arranged through this website )


Rawalpindi: By prior appointment only on weekends, at consultation clinic at Peshawar Road, near Army Race Course Ground (to be requested and arranged through this website)

Appointment Line : 00 (92) 308 7666777 (Monday to Friday) 10:00 am till 21:00 pm Pakistan Standard Time